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1. How can I Logged-in to the eLearning Portal?

You can logged-in to the system using your Username and Password Provided to you upon your registration in the school

2. What if i can't access my account

You may send us message here Fb.com/csjpii

3. Where can I check my grades and schedules?

You may visit http://student.csjpii.edu.ph

4. Why my subjects are not appearing when I logged-in?

Your subjects will appear within 24hours after your enrolment.
If your subjects still didn't show, then message us here: Fb.com/csjpii

5. I'm experiencing technical difficulties on accessing the eLearning Portal

Our server might experiencing traffic due to huge amount of users accessing, or we might have an issue with our ISP/Internet Access, you may follow us on Facebook for latest announcement regarding this matter.